Drain Cleaning Service in Vancouver, WA, and Portland, OR

Drain cleaning is one of the easiest ways for home and business owners to make mistakes with their plumbing. After all, there’s a $12 solution all bottled up and waiting for them at the hardware store. As with most things in life though, simply dumping incredibly caustic chemicals onto the problem and hoping for the best isn’t the proper answer.

Not only are over-the-counter drain cleaning solutions incredibly dangerous to both you and the environment, they also present significant risk to your property by wearing down and weakening your pipes, which can eventually result in problems far worse than a clogged drain.

Then there are the snake options that property owners try. This may sound straight forward and hazard free, but in practice it usually results in a whole lot of frustration and a smelly mess. Even worse, if you don’t know how to use it, you could have a hardware store snake stuck in a still-problematic drain. Skip the dangerous damaging chemicals and the frustrating snake experience and call one of our drain cleaning service in Vancouver, WA, and Portland, OR. Allow our expert plumbers to resolve the problem.

Types of Drain Problems

Photo of plumber repairing drain.Slow Drains – This is the type of problem that starts small enough to ignore but gets incrementally worse until eventually, you just can’t take it anymore! Soap, hair, food, grease, toy—things pile up over time, and the problem will only get worse.

Clogged Drains – A clogged drain is a slow drain’s problematic big brother. Not only is this incredibly inconvenient, but pressure from standing water can damage plumbing and/or lead to unhealthy vapors.

Odor – Sometimes a drain doesn’t have to be slow or plugged to need a cleaning. Unpleasant smells can be a sign of decaying matter or developing clogs that need to be dealt with—not only for your health but because, well, bad smells are bad.

Bring in the Professionals

Even something as seemingly straightforward as a clogged or slow drain likely requires a professional plumber to fix it properly. There are many options for cleaning drains that the homeowner simply doesn’t have at their disposal. Don’t risk problems when the professionals at All County Plumbing LLC can apply industry-leading tools and methods to the problem. From high-pressure hydro jetting to more traditional solutions, our plumbers have the experience and knowledge to clean your pipes quickly, effectively, and safely with our plumbing drain cleaning services.

Plumber repairing sink pipes in kitchen, closeupInspection – Before any repair actions are taken, we apply our extensive experience and inspection equipment to the situation. We’ll identify the source of a clog. Knowing the full details of the situation before acting is how we have developed a reputation for efficiency and accuracy.

Consultation – Each cleaning is different. There are many different variables to a drain’s situation. We work with you to sort through the options available and elect the course of action that best suits your problem.

Cleaning and Clean Up – Using the safest and most effective equipment available, we clear that drain line and get things working the way they’re supposed to! When we’re done, we’ll clean everything up so you can go right back to your regular routine. When your drains are functioning frustration-free, you’ll wonder why you took so long deciding to get the situation handled.

Contact us or call us at (360) 859-0472 and stop living with frustrating drains. We proudly serve clients throughout Vancouver, WA, Portland, OR, and the surrounding areas.